MELITO INC, presents an amazing, environmentally beneficial, new lightning energy concept being transformed from the drawing board into our everyday lives.

The United States Patent Office has granted a patent on the MELITO INC Super Capacitor invention that converts lightning energy into usable electricity.

Eighteen other countries in the world on six continents have now followed suit, including Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda, Pakistan and Argentina which have some of the greatest frequency of lightning strikes in the world…300 days per year in Rwanda, 270 days per year in Colombia, for 8 hours per day, on average.

We are talking about the incredible transformation of Lightning Energy into a sustainable, usable energy source that not only provides another alternative source of clean energy, but the Super Capacitor invention also can be implemented to attract lightning away from important electrical grid assets like wind turbines and transformers. Other locations like golf courses, sports stadiums, airports, and NASA launch sites will benefit as well.

The dedicated team of Melito and Galves are collaborating to effectively communicate various invention embodiments to electrical grid companies and others in the manufacture of grid transformers and grid batteries.

Melito and Galves are actively pursuing licensure opportunities for these companies to make, use and sell the patented Super Capacitor Invention and electricity derived therefrom. They seek to further the advancement of this long overdue invention to help save the planet and to promote a new, safe, sustainable energy source.

As long as there is rain and lightning, the dependency on oil and other polluting energy resources can be lessened and storms can join with solar and wind to lead the planet into a better future of clean, efficient and unlimited sustainable energy.


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Harnessing Lightning Strikes as a Renewable Energy Source

The patented process allows the Super Capacitor to attract, induce, capture, absorb and store the electrical charge from lightning strikes to the capacitor, then directly to electrical grids or batteries.

Protect Transformers & Wind Turbines from Damaging Lightning Strikes

A Super Capacitor would be strategically placed near large transformers, power plants, wind turbines and grid relay stations, as a defense, diverting damaging lighting strikes to the super capacitor active probes.

Why Use Lightning Electricity?

Because it’s Unlimited, Sustainable, Clean Energy and Lightning Strikes Worldwide are Increasing in Frequency Due to Climate Change.

Why Aren’t Super Capacitors Used in the World’s Electrical Grids?

Because Research and Development Efforts to Capture Lightning and Direct into Grids, While Protecting Transformers is Cutting Edge!

Can a Super Capacitor Store Energy as Effectively as a Battery?

Yes, Just as Effective and Probably Less Expensively than a Battery. In Fact, Super Capacitors Could Eventually Replace All Transformers!