Software engineer, Carl Melito, is a Dallas patent attorney of over 20 years and the inventor of the Super Conducting Grid Capacitor (“Super Capacitor” or “Grid Capacitor”, for short). Eighteen patents have been granted worldwide to Assignee, MELITO INC for the invention which includes a new method of generating electricity.

Melito came up with the name “Super Conducting” to describe the Super Capacitor, because electrical resistance diminishes exponentially with radius, thus, very large capacitor plates of at least 10 feet in radius essentially spreads out the lightning so there is no damage to the plates.

Electrical grid transformers are made with wires that have far more resistance, and hence are damaged by lightning strikes melting the wires, thus causing blackouts.

On this website, inventor and fellow attorney, Carl Melito, has joined with Law Professor Fred Galves, to introduce the wave of the future, Lightning Electricity. This website will serve as a basic introduction to various possible embodiments of the invention and also as a road-map for electrical engineers who want to help get this rocket into the air, so to speak.

The invention, as you will see, was conceived in answer to two questions:
1) is it possible to have a blackout proof electrical grid, and
2) is it possible to create a reverse Tesla coil to induce and capture energy from the atmosphere where there is an unlimited supply?

Professor Galves is Of Counsel at Gavrilov & Brooks law firm in Sacramento, California and is a law professor. Following graduation from Harvard Law School in 1986, Professor Galves served as a judicial clerk for Judge John L. Kane (U.S. District Court, District of Colorado). He also later practiced with the Denver law firm of Holland & Hart, specializing in complex commercial litigation.

Professor Galves was a full law professor at the Pacific McGeorge School of Law faculty from 1993-2015 and also has taught at the University of California at Davis School of Law, Fordham Law School, the University of Denver Law School, and Southwestern University Law School.

Professor Galves is the co-author of two Evidence books (both West Academic Publications) used at various law schools across the country: (1) Evidence: A Contemporary Approach [3rd Edition]; and, (2) Evidence Simulations [2nd Edition].

Professor Galves was an obvious choice for MELITO INC for collaboration and effective presentation of the invention to prospective licensees.  Galves will lead the company’s communications effort and is the point of contact for information on the Super Capacitor invention.

Melito, and life-long friend, Fred Galves, have been concerned about alternate sources of energy for years. As far back as 1978-79 when they were high school debate partners, they argued both for and against the best alternative energy sources, which planted the seeds for the current Super Capacitor invention.

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